The 'Quality Time'

Topics: Lawn mower, English-language films, American films Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: March 22, 2012
I was sitting in my grandfather’s dark house, sitting in front of my father’s big stereo with his huge gray Sony headphones listening to his Boys II Men cd. I feel a tap on my shoulder; I turn around and it’s my father. He said, “Come outside, dad’s going to teach you how to change the oil in the truck.” The first thing that came to my mind was why in the world would I want to learn how to change oil in a car. I am only 11 and I don’t have a car. My mom would always say “ Felicia before you were born your father wanted you to be a boy so he didn’t want to know the sex of the baby. He wanted to be surprised because he just knew you were going to be a boy.” I figured hey I guess this was the closest he would get so I always went a long with it. On top of that I was a tomboy so I guess it made it easier for him to ask me to come learn about something so minuscule in my life at the time. I went out to the car with my father and he had a smirk on his face and said,” Felicia, dad’s going to teach you how to change your oil because when you get older and you finally get yourself a car this will save you a lot of money.” As always I said “ok,” When he gave me the smirk I think he knew deep inside how much I didn’t care or if I would even remember, but he did it anyway. He slid under the car and just talked and talked and talked the whole time. I didn’t remember anything he said because I couldn’t see it for myself so my mind would just start wondering. The most I did was hand him tools, but that was as good as it got.

My father lived with his father, and that’s where I would stay. I was riding my bike in a circle around the house because I wasn’t aloud to leave the 2 acres of land that we had. Off in the distance I noticed my father and my oldest brother mowing the lawn and it looked fun. I was a very bored so I decided to ask my father if I could help mow the lawn. I jump off my bike leaving it in the drive way and run over to my father in the shed....
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