That Was Then This Is Now Book Summary

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  • Published : December 20, 2011
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That Was Then, This is now
By S.E. Hinton

Journal #1: Chapter 1:

That Was Then, This is Now is quickly becoming an intriguing novel. In Chapter one, we only meet a few characters; Bryon; who is the main protagonist, Mark; who is Bryon’s best friend and lives with him and his mother. M&M; who is a friend of theirs, Charlie; who is a bartender, Curly; who is in a gang, and Tim; the leader of the “Shepard Gang.”

Bryon is 16 years old, and plays the biggest role in the novel. He’s good at pool, loves to fight, has a baby-face, dark hair, and is a pretty big guy.
Mark Is 15 years old and lives with his “brother,” Bryon. He’s a good wrestler, strong, small and compact, has golden eyes and golden hair. Although, Mark’s a criminal. He was caught hot-wiring a car and is currently on probation. I can tell Mark’s going to be an interesting character.

M&M is 13 years old. His real name hasn’t been mentioned yet, but people call him M&M because he’s constantly eating M&M’s. He’s wide-eyed, serious, and awfully nice, has charcoal hair colour, long hair, always wore an old army jacket, and always had a metal peace symbol around his neck on rawhide string.

Not much is said about the book, and what it’s really about, but on extremely important thing is that M&M gets jumped by three guys In the “Shepard Gang,” but Bryon and Mark stepped in and helped get rid of them. M&M Also gets sensitive and cries when Mark gets the idea to beat up a black guy because he’s different. I believe M&M lives a horrendous life.

My prediction for this novel is that Mark is going to do something drastic to screw up his life. I also predict that M&M’s peace necklace is going to play a big role, and will be a symbol.

Journal #2: Chapter 2:

Mark’s real mother and father killed each other when they were drunk when Mark was just 9 years old. So Bryon’s mother adopted him. The two have been friends for as long as they can remember.
The two went to the hospital to visit their mother. She just had a big operation that costed a lot of money. They hitched a ride with a hippie named Randy. He had long hair and a beard.
When they arrived at the hospital, they hardly spent any time with their mother. She told Mark and Bryon to go and visit the patient across the hall as he had no visitors. Instead they went downstairs to the snack bar, where an old friend from elementry school greeted Bryon. She was working and her name was Cathy. Cathy was 15 years old, had groovy long dark hair with bangs, big gray eyes, long black eyelashes and had a beautiful smile. She was M&M’s older sister, and Bryon wishes to see her again. So Bryon and Mark decided that they better pay that patient a visit. His name was Mike Chambers. Mike was put into the hospital because of his good deed. A black girl was getting picked on and bullied by a few white men, so Mike scared them away and drived the girl home. Her name was Connie and when they pulled into her street, about a dozen of black guys pulled him out of the car. Connie said “kill the white bastard!” And they almost did. This isn’t the last time we’ll see Mike Chambers. We might even see Connie at some point.

Journal #3: Chapter 3:

Chapter three was filled with action-packed drama. Bryon desperately needed a date to the dance, so he asks Cathy to go. Cathy agreed and Charlie the bartender decided to let Bryon borrow his car so Bryon can pick up Cathy.

Bryon asks Mark if he wants to double-date with him and Cathy, but Mark decided to go and get drunk with his buddies Terry, Williamson, and Curtis.
When Bryon arrives at Cathy’s house, we find out that M&M’s father consistantly verbally bullies M&M by making fun of his clothes, his hair, and his grades.
That Saturday night at the dance we meet Angela Shepard, who is one of Bryon’s ex-girlfriends. Angela is sassy, beautiful, little, dark-skinned, and has curly long...
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