That One Time at Chili's

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  • Published: February 4, 2013
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That One Time At Chilis’s
A long time ago, when I was about in the eighth grade, my friend, Armin had a girlfriend named Katyln. It was a weird relationship, then again, I do not think any junior high relationship is normal for us kids these days. He hardly talked to her at school. They mainly just texted each other and said a few words here-and-there at school. Armin and his girlfriend had never even spent time with one another outside of school, so Armin decided to finally go on a first date with his girlfriend. He asked her and she accepted the offer.

They both agreed upon going to Chili’s in Pine Bluff, which is right next to where we all live: White Hall, for their date. Armin is a tall, lanky Iranian guy, which makes his skin color dark. Armin’s girlfriend, Katlyn, said the only way she can go on a date with Armin is if she brought her mother along. Armin did not really know why, but we now suspect it is because she is a little racist. White Hall is filled with racist people. Katlyn also told Armin that she will be bringing her sister and one of her friends on this date, too. Because of this Armin asked Jordan, our friend, and me to tag along so he would feel a little less uncomfortable. Jordan is a muscular guy, about 5’11, with puffy curly hair. Jordan and I both agreed to go with him. Armin, Jordan, and I were all unaware what will be in store for us that one night at Chili’s.

Armin’s mother drove us to Chili’s, as she normally did because Chili’s was our hang out at the time, and dropped us off at the front door. We were there a little early because Armin did not want his mother to see his girlfriend. Armin did not tell his mother that he had a girlfriend because he did not know how she would respond to it. Armin, Jordan, and I walked in the front door. It was packed as it usually is on a Saturday night. All the tables were filled with people laughing and carrying on. The waitress then walked up to us with a fake cheesy smile and asked us how many people were in our party tonight. I replied saying five. The wait was long due to the amount of people inside the restaurant. Armin, Jordan, and I sat in the waiting section that is near the door and talked like we usually did. We sat there discussing current events and even a little bit of my love life. We loved to gossip about each other’s love life. I was recently broken up with by a girl whom I really liked, and so talked about that for a little bit.

We talked for about thirty minutes when Katlyn, her sister, her friend and her mother finally came in the door. I looked over at Armin and could tell he was nervous; I was nervous for him. I then looked over at Jordan who was standing awkwardly looking at his phone trying to be nonchalant. All of us exchanged greetings. The waitress came to us and said our seats were ready then took us to be seated in our booth. Katlyn was completely silent and so was Jordan and me. Katyln’s mother kept asking Armin boring meaningless questions to try to liven to mood, I suppose. The waitress took our orders. Every now and then, I would speak to Jordan. Armin spoke to Katlyn’s mother and Katyln said nothing. Katlyn’s sister and friend also said nothing and both stayed glued to their phones making things very tense.

The food finally came and not a moment too soon. I could not stand listening to Katyln’s mother asking how was his day and what he wants to be when he grows up. We all know that no one really gives a crap about how his or her day has been. I picked at my food, too uncomfortable to eat. Everyone seemed uneasy except Katyln’s mother who just watched all of us eat with a giant grin on her face. We all finished our meals and Katyln, her sister, and her friend and Katyln’s mother all gave us a farewell then left. Jordan, Armin, and I sat at the table feeling uneasy about the “date” Armin just had. We paid for our food then sat there talking about whatever came to mind....
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