That Hypnotizing Website: 9gag

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That Hypnotizing Website

Now that the school year nearly ends, students are very busy working on school requirements. As we all know, school requirements are now computer-based since we are in the era of high technology. Very busy of typing, printing, saving or editing school requirements, students are not able to go outside to breathe some fresh air anymore, do recreational activities or pamper. The pressure is also there because of fast approaching deadlines that stresses them. So they will think that they need to relax, laugh and have a little break for a while without having to go far in front of the computer – and perfectly caters to those needs. 9gag is a humorous and enjoyable website since it contains meme faces, comics and photos with funny captions that are good to view or read for a little while. How did I know? I saw 9gag once. To tell you, I discovered this website because of a blogging site, which is Tumblr. I was attracted to that humorous post that I saw in Tumblr. Since it is linked to where the photo came from, the photo led me to 9gag. The posts there were funny, but I’m a little irritated with the way it views the meme faces and comics because of the ads beside it, so I did not visit that website again. Anyway, I can see posts from 9gag in Tumblr, so I can just view them from there. Yes, I agree that posts in 9gag are relaxing and humorous that is why students are fond of visiting that website while taking a little break. But sometimes it becomes hypnotizing, that the need for relaxation-for-a-while-without-having-to-go-far-from-the-computer that 9gag caters becomes an addiction and suddenly causes procrastination.

That means anything too much is dangerous. So remember to keep everything in moderation, especially if it might affect your life, performance or career. So if you want to accomplish school requirements and shout “Aaaaaaawwww yyyeeeeaaa” after, find other ways to have a break that would not cause...
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