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Take Photograps as son as posisible
Element| CONTENTS CHECK LISTSite/bench Level 2| Complete| | Unit QCF 641| |
| Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace| | | | |
1.1| Health and safety induction pack and address of where it took plac * Witness form of regular toolbox talks * Photos of fire extinguisher and sign * | | 1.2| Using safety guards on power tools, handrails and toe boards on working platforms etc. Address of location * Take photos of me on a machine with saftey equipment and descibe the photo and the hazaeds if you didnt wear themand how you are supposed to wear them. * Take picture of me with a power tool with ear plugs and goggles and descibe the photo and the hazaeds if you didnt wear themand how you are supposed to wear them. * Take a witness form to say i understand the saftey of taking to people when on machinesand the dangers of taking to people while they are on machines.| | 1.3| Safety signs: * Mandatory: - must do; wear hard hats, safety boots, high viz vest. * Prohibited: - no unauthorised persons, no smoking, no phones. * Warning: - high voltage, heavy load, unsafe scaffold, * Information signs: - first aid, fire exit, * Take photos of the must wear a mask sign, high voltage sign, no smoking sign in the workshop, First aid cuboard, fire exit[take 2 photos of each, one with me and one without]In the description then decribe what each sign if for. were it is placed. how to follw it and the dangers if they are not followed. | | |

2.1| Evidence of hazards in the workplace: * unsafe scaffold * trailing leads * nails sticking out of timber * uncovered holes * no hand rails around stairwell/holes etc * Take a photo of the uncovered cable and explain that its unsafe and what you are going to do about it. * Take a photo of thecable on the floor that hasnt been coverd up(tripping hazard) and how you are going to deal with the problem.| | |

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