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“A friend loves you for your intelligence, a mistress loves you for your charm, but your family’s love is unreasoning: You were born into it and of its flesh and blood.” I never realized the importance of family until after reading this. I can’t express how many times I’ve been told, “You are all just so different from one another.” And in agreement I’d respond,” If they weren’t my family, they wouldn’t be my friends.” In a household as dysfunctional as mine, acknowledgement in being thankful for family can sometimes get over looked. You get so caught up in being an individual that you sometimes forget about the fingers that were first instilled in your mold. Although I allow Ellen Goodman’s outlook on family to play part of how I view my own, I don’t believe every person should feel an obligation to stay with an idea that society has brought us up with. It is of an individual’s choosing whether they’d like to believe in the idea of family or not. Different circumstances call for different lifestyles.

However, regardless whether or not a person chooses to participate in a family lifestyle, there is a bond that is built from birth or in some matters at the precious stage of being an infant that remain with you. You are built into becoming an individual with the ideas that a family has instilled upon you, blood or not. So although a person may want to be their own slice of pie, there is still a portion they can come back to that will piece together a whole. A part that reminds a person, just when they thought they were complete, there are personalities that add to their wholeness. The concept of family only encourages the paradox of being an individual. They push you to embark on your own journey, with their past experiences to guide you. A person becomes one, after being part of many.

When I think of my family, I cannot help but to fluster. The emotions put into that word are too eclectic for me to have a set emotion when my ears have absorbed it. I will...
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