Thanks for Nothing

Topics: Motivation, Human behavior, Employment Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Angela Trillo
Grace G. Downey
MAN 3240
April 5, 2012

Thanks for Nothing
Case Chapter 8

Case Background
Praises and recognitions, seems to be a very good tools from companies to show appreciation and motivation to their employees, however sadly not everybody does. According to Coffman. An example of a bad recognition program is with an employee of a dot-com in California, Take Ko, his companies give badges that states “U Done Good”, and after 10 they get a paper weight. Ko admits that he would prefer to have a monetary recognition, instead of those badgers, or other gifts. Other companies used very expensive gifts like car or luxury watches, but off course this will have to be reported at the end of the year in the employee taxes, and another income. Other way to recognize and employee is with verbal “Thank you” or “You did an excellent performance.” When praising employees for an outstanding job, managers should ensure that the praise is given in conjunction with the specific accomplishment. In this way, employees may not only feel valued by their organization but will also know what actions to take to be rewarded in the future. 1. If praising employees, for doing a good job seems to be a fairly easy and obvious motivational tool, why do you think companies and managers don’t often do it? Praising an employee seems to be an obvious motivational tool, however not all the companies do it with their workers. Some managers find hard to praise people, and one of the reasons for this is if they only praise one person, other people think they are not getting treated fairly if they do the same task and do not get praise. There's just no time for it. Something so seemingly easy can become political and distracting. Another reason could be to reduce expenses in the payroll, due to monetary motivational tools, like bonuses, salary increases, gift card, etc.

2. As A Manager, What Steps Would You Take To Motivate Your Employees After Observing Them Perform...
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