Thanks for 24 Years of Service

Topics: Small business, Employment, Business Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: April 23, 2013
1.How valid do you think the comments are that Russ is hearing? Answer – Students’ answers will vary with their age and experience. The issue is the validity of the comments. The issue is dealing with the perceptions. Basically, Russ needs to translate his experience into transferable job skills and sell himself as an adaptive person. Most of what he’s hearing is probably stereotypical, but he can’t re educate the job market; he has to reinvent himself.

2.If you were a small business executive in need of someone with extensive financial experience, would you consider Russ? Explain your position. Answer – Again students’ answers will vary. Pro—great extensive experience, new ideas from a different industry, and a high performance track record. Con—the need to adjust to a new company culture, possibility of leaving due to pay issues, not knowing the specific business. Discuss with students how they could address the cons either as a business owner or as Russ. Business owner—assign a mentor to help cultural adjustment, offer pay incentives tied to company growth and profitability that could help make up for the pay cut. Russ—shift his own attitude and realize the world has changed, work for a temp agency to get experience in smaller companies, study the company’s industry and bring a series of new ideas with him to the interview that related specifically to a small company in that industry.

3.What suggestions might you make to Russ to help him find suitable employment? Answer – See comments under #2. Russ’ biggest challenge is changing his own mindset and then demonstrating that to potential employers. Focus on transferable, skills not specific job experience
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