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Thank You Teacher

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Thank you, Teacher.

Pravin was a 12 years old boy . He was the apple of his parent’s eye . His parents loved him very much because he was the only child . He studied at Sekalah Kebangsaan Methodist Sungai Pelek . His parents were very rich . Anything that he asked, his parents would buy it for him . He wore branded t-shirts and pants. He was a very lazy boy. In class, he did not pay attention at all. Everyday, Cikgu Laili, who was Pravin’s class teacher scolded him because he did not finish his homework given by the teachers. At home, he would open his laptop and use it the whole day. His parents went to work and came back at night, so no one controls him. Sometimes, he would steal money from his father’s cupboard to go to the cyber café which was only a stone’s throw away from his house to play games with his friends. His father had given him advise many times, but he did not listen to him. His parents were very scared about his future.

As usual he went to school in the morning. That day it was raining cats and dogs, so Pravin decided not to go to school with his friends. They went to a cyber café to play a game called “Sudden Attack”. They were very addicted to that game. He was wearing a school uniform. After an hour, they were wandering around the town. Out of the blue, a Police car came and stopped infront of them. They were very scared. They started to run. A policeman got down from the car and started to chase the boys. Finally, Pravin and his friends were caught. The policeman brought them to their school. The policeman talked to their class teacher. Puan Laili spoke to the policeman. The policeman agreed to let them go. The policeman gave them...

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