"Thank You Mam" Reaction Paper

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  • Published : January 13, 2011
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In our society now fifty two percent of the population are the people who are in need. Fifty two percent of this people needs to tighten their belt in order to have their daily needs. Among the two stories I would probably agree with the deconstruction of Thank You Ma'am because nowadays people in the society cannot directly give money to someone they don't even know just to let them buy the things that would pleasure them. I can't even imagine it! Practically what people need for their daily lives now is money. The prices of the products in the market is increasing randomly. I don't think we can still find a person like Mrs. Jones who is living in a rented house yet is still very willing to give her ten dollars just for the blue suede shoes of someone who is not even is relative. Another is Mrs. Jones' treatment to Roger, I disagree it because people who commits robbery needs to be punished. I think her treatment towards Roger is to much, giving him half of her ten cent cake, letting him enter in her house just to let him clean his face and the worst giving him her ten dollars. For me, if she continue doing this Roger might think that stealing is okay or he might turn into a person who always depends on what people around him can give to him. I was also surprised in the line where Mrs. Jones is carrying a purse that contains nails and a hammer. Maybe she's going to constuct something, but why is it the only things in her bag? For me it's questionable to find a LADY carrying those kind of materials in her bag. Yes, some good traits of humans are being humble, caring, understanding but in her case I think she had overdone it. I think it's not good enough to give the reason of "wanting someone to change" to let someone enter your house who was planning to steal from you a while ago but is stopped. In my own experience, I've never been given something I wanted as punishment. Maybe my mom or dad will talk to me sincerely to correct my wrong doing but I don't...
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