Thank You Ma'Am

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English 101
September 18, 2012
A Lessoned Learned
Mrs. Jones in Thank You Ma’am shows something that most people cannot even think of showing or doing. Yes, different people do different things but Mrs. Jones is definitely not an ordinary woman. The first time meeting someone is always different, but Roger did not expect what he got the day he met Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. The person he met was strict but sweet, not only that but she was accepting in a way. Mrs. Jones shows that she is strong, caring, and not judgmental even after what Roger attempted to do. The character Mrs. Jones is a strong one, mentally and physically. When Roger attempted to steal her purse she would not let him without a fight first. She knocked him off his feet and kicked him. She seems as if she was prepared for whatever happened at that moment which also showed her strength. Now most people would have ran to call the police at this point, but not her. Strong and brave would definitely describe her actions at this time. Mrs. Jones got tough with Roger and let him know why he shouldn’t have done what he did that day. At this point Roger was going to her house whether he wanted to or not. Mrs. Jones was kind but stood her ground, which may have come from her actually caring about Roger. Roger started to see that at this point, but he was still a little confused by the situation. Instead of yelling and having other people deal with him, she treated him as if he was her own child. Noticing he was dirty she made him wash his face. The fact that he attempted to rob her meant nothing because she still fed him and was helpful no matter what. Sometimes what people do can make you very paranoid, but not Mrs. Jones. Roger had noticed that when she walked out of the room to go get something she left her purse unattended. Mrs. Jones really cared for Roger. Mrs. Jones was a giving person; she gave her time and her money. Mrs. Jones just wanted to know why Roger wanted to steal her purse....
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