Thank You Letter for On-job-Training

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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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Mariano Marcos State University
College of Business Economics and Accountancy
Batac City, 2906

August 1, 2012

Maria Gorretti V. Guerrero
Branch Manager
PNB Batac Branch


Dear Madam:

First of all, we would like to thank you for accepting us despite the fact that you should not accept trainees. For almost 2 months of our training, PNB became our second home and you became our family. We were so blessed to be part of this family and it’s really a great opportunity to work here. Before we go, we want you to know how much we have enjoyed our time working here. Thank you for your advice, understanding, support, patience, and friendship. We would also like to express our appreciation and gratitude to you and your staffs for the successful OJT on–the–job training which we have undergone in your progressive company. The acquaintance, skills and the like which we have learned throughout our practical training will be of big help in our future practice as Business Administration graduates. Similarly, the 256 hours OJT which we have completed meets the requirement as an applicant for graduation. We would also like to thank Ma’am Haydee, Ma’am Zeny and Sir Joie for patiently teaching us what to do and on how to treat clients, and for all the lessons they shared to us, and all of the staffs for their generous support, coaching and companionship during our OJT. We have learned a lot from them. Thank you for being very supportive and especially for the patience that you extend to us. We were sorry for the mistakes we have done. But we assure you that we will learn from it. Thank you once again for your great assistance in the successful completion of our OJT. We hope you will still accept OJT’s so that they will be well equipped with the necessary knowledge to be used in the future like what we have acquire in your good office. God Bless you and more power!



Richard Bangcud

Rinalyn Portugal
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