Thank You for Smoking by Nick Naylor

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Sneha Maknojia
Professor Christopher Dunn
English 1302- Essay One
27 February 2013
Thank You for Smoking
Thank You for smoking is about a lobbyist name Nick Naylor who is the vice-president of Academy of Tobacco studies. The movie revolves around how Nick smooth-talks everyone into believing that Tobacco is not very harmful. Nick Naylor's main job was to make people aware of the research his academy does and answer questions on television regarding health claims against tobacco. Nick believed everyone has some sort of talent and he has the talent to talk people in or out of an argument. He always knew what to say and when he needs to say it. In the movie Thank You For Smoking the main character Nick Naylor shows the power of how argument when it is done in a correct manner, which can make everything seem right.

There were many instances in the movie when Nick showed the power of argument. In the movie he argued himself out of some other argument. Throughout the movie Nick showed the power of art and power of argument from the smallest of things to very serious matters. The first instance I thought he showed his knowledge about argument is when he is with his son in Los Angeles and teaching him how you do not have to be right to win an argument. He is teaching his son an art of argument by saying that to win an argument all you have to do is to prove other persons argument wrong. The reason why I thought it was kind of an interesting philosophy of Nick Naylor is because it is kind of true sometimes you do not have to prove yourself right. All you have to do is that prove the other person wrong which will automatically make you correct. The second time I thought Nick Naylor showed his power over arguing is at the beginning of the movie when he is at a television talk show and he was being criticized of how the academy is not doing anything to prevent the number of deaths of children because of tobacco. Here again using his great skill of smooth talking...
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