Thank You for Smoking Abstract

Topics: Cigarette, Tobacco, Thank You for Smoking Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Will Lee
Abstract #3
Thank You For Smoking. Dir. Jason Reitman.  Perfs.  Aaron Eckhart, Katie Holmes.           Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2006. Film.
              Thank You for Smoking was a film about a tobacco lobbyist named Nick Naylor.  Throughout the movie Nick explains to his son, Joey, that his job is to be right.  He also explains that, when you argue properly, you’ll never be wrong.  Near the beginning of the movie he pitches an idea to have movie stars boost tobacco sales by smoking cigarettes in movies.  When he meets with a big time Hollywood producer, they formulate a plan to simultaneously release a new cigarette with a new movie involving super hot smoking space sex.  About midway through the movie, Nick enters a wild sexual relationship with a reporter, played by Katie Holmes, and confides in her, but is later betrayed when she reveals damaging information about his corporation and the corporations of his two lobbyist friends.  After being fired from his job, he still testifies on behalf of the cigarette companies and combats a Vermont Senator who is greatly opposed to smoking.  After he successfully argues in court, he denies an offer to return to his former occupation, and he gets a new job.               I believe that the thesis to this movie was delivered in the middle.  It is the scene in Hollywood when Nick and his son are on the boardwalk, and Nick explains to Joey that to be successful at arguing, you only need to convince everyone else that the opposing arguer is wrong.  This, to me, is the point that is to be made by this movie.  This scene not only represents the thesis, but also a great logical appeal, because it shows that this method of argument has been successfully used in real situations, and has convinced many people.  The movie shows just how easy it is to get people on your side, even if you go into a situation where the vast majority of the population disagrees with you.  For example, when Nick is debating...
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