Thank You for Smoking

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Thank you for smoking

1. The movie is about Nick Naylor, who happens to be an eloquent man. He works as a spokesman for the tobacco industry. He has to convince the America society that smoking is alright. Because of his talent for talking and discussing he can trick the Americans to believe him. Nick also tries to transfer his own experience and abilities as a spokesman to his son Joey Naylor and he teaches him that he must be critical for everything. Nick often meets with his friends in a restaurant. They have different jobs than him, but because their jobs are very similar they get to sit and share about what has happened on their work. When the tobacco industry comes under fire, because of the senator from Vermont goes to attack, the tobacco industry comes up with an idea. Nick Naylor is in the tobacco industry and pays the Hollywood producers so their actors can smoke in Hollywood movies like they did in the 1900-century with great success. Nick takes his son on a business trip to Hollywood to talk with Jeff Megall and negotiate with Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt to smoke cigarettes in their next film. Nick is also trying to be a good role model for his son.

2. The moral conflict is about Nick trying to sell cigarettes and make people trust him because that is his job. There is a conflict going on between Nick and his son Joey. Throughout the film we see Nick trying to teach his son what his job is all about, but it is not until the end of the movie that he sees what he should really be teaching his son. Nick realizes that his son is the most important thing in his life. He realized that his son was the only reason he did what he did. His relationship with his son grows and he also teaches his son that “if you argue correctly you’re never wrong.” Nick Naylor said that when his son turns eighteen he would buy gladly buy his son’s first cigarettes if he wanted them because he will be old enough to make his own choices. This concept is very...
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