Thank You, Chinese Taipei

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Intermediate Writing Practice
April 24, 2013
Thank You, the Chinese Taipei (Draft 4)
World Baseball Classic (WBC) was held in Taichung, Taiwan in March, 2013. Many Taiwanese cheered for Chinese Taipei Team there and so did I. However, can you image that the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) faced hard time before?

A few baseball players have involved into the game fixing scandal. Since then, Taiwanese people lost their faith and interest on watching the games as the scandal tarnished the image of CPBL. The baseball fans paid less attention on the baseball teams and the baseball culture. I was also disappointed by the scandal then.

Nevertheless, Chinese Taipei Team showed the attitude and spirit toward each game in WBC. They were not elated by success nor disturbed by failure. Although they lost the last two games to Japan and Cuba, the players pushed themselves to the limit and played as hard as they could. Taiwanese people were touched by the players and Chinese Taipei Team has gained back the fans’ trust again.

If Chinese Taipei Team still did not do the best in WBC, Taiwanese people would not care about the specialty of baseball. Moreover, the leader of Chinese Taipei, Cheng-Min Peng, also announced that he was ashamed of the game fixing scandal but he believed that the players would rebuild the reputation of CPBL and would not disappoint Taiwanese people. I am sure that Taiwanese people have already united to support the baseball after the WBC.
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