Thank You

Topics: Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles, 2006 albums, Donald Trump Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: April 8, 2013
THANK YOU, I have been saying again and again those two simple words for thousands of times to many people. However, there is one very important person that I haven’t thanked yet, its LIFE. Donald trump once said “Everything in life is luck”, therefore it is really important to me. I thank my life for giving me a cozy family. The last three letters of the word “family” is ILY which means I love you and yes, it is a place where I can be shelter by love and happiness and I can be myself without creating any cover. Home is where I can turn back and start again when falling down and that little home will encourage me, help me and love me more than anything, so I can step up, be stronger than ever. Therefore, love your family with all your heart because it is the most wonderful thing that life gave it to us. Thank you for giving me a life as a child of my parents – who give me plenty of love which I can see through their tender eyes. Who can handle me at my worse and praise me at my best. They have been protected and cared for me since I was a child til now – a 17 years old girl. They have been watching every step if mine I know it is all for me for my better life. That heartfelt love can never be replaced with anything else in the world. I just want to shout out: “mommy daddy I love you”. Thank you life for teaching me how to love and care. And that love can simply be a text message to a friend that you haven’t spoke to for a while or a smile when you accidentally caught someone’s eyes looking at you. According to today’s rush pace of life, if people just live it without loving it, life will become something trivial and the people are like the pre-programmed machine, sharp, intelligent but have no heart. By showing how you really care about other people, they will show there love and care to you also. Just a very simple action but it will create a comfortable and loveable feeling for everyone around. Thank you life for teaching me how to accept and overcome the...
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