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  • Published: April 12, 2013
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Company Analysis

Before discuss anything first, we need to look for the organization that how it run their business in Pakistan. In 1999 Proserve education (pvt) Limited established as a for-profit enterprise caters the need of education in both cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Mr. Zaidi program director of Thames business school had a 22 years of successful working experience in different fields or in different countries as well decide along with other directors of the enterprise to established first center in Islamabad and once its grown they go for established another center by-self in 1999 they established a franchise in sector F-6, Islamabad with 20 computers and 2000 books contained library facilities. As we know that Pakistan has higher population growth rate which is about 2.4%/annum and not even only in Pakistan but all over the world the need of institution at all level primary, secondary, and tertiary is very important factor but due to lack of utilization of resources in this sector by the government many peoples in Pakistan are not having proper education because Govt. only spend 4% of GDP on education so you can easily analyze the relationship of demand and supply in this sector. So, the lack of institutions in Pakistan there have a big opportunity for Thames to get the maximum profit in this sector to fill the gap and by providing good quality education at lost cost as compare to competitors get the competitive edge over them. Customer Analysis

The market is dividing into three different segments:
1. undergraduate degree programs
2. graduate degree programs
3. Short duration management development programs
Undergraduate degree programs
The primary market for this segment is FA/FSc or A-level who are ready to go for the higher education. Mr. Zaidi has its own idea based on his experience and acquaintances related identify the need of the students for selecting any institution which is based on different factors that affect...
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