Thailand Need Change

Topics: Police, Thailand, Thai people Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Thailand need to be change and what need to be change is the sense of responsibility in their duty. Today Thai people don’t execute their duty with ambition. We work just only for our beneficial from day by day but don’t consider on public beneficial. So this is the problem because people who work in organization will do nothing but everything for their profit in return. So from this small point it will cause scandal and corruption in bigger society So how it will be changed, first we have to raise a common sense of Thai people. Make them recognize what are their duties, what are they supposed to do, we are Thai people and Thailand is our motherland, so we should not think only how to gain profit from our motherland. But we have to think that as we born as Thai citizens what we will do in order to return a favor to her, to our motherland. If we just start foster this believes from small point then it will increase bigger and bigger until it cover the whole country. Then when people considered on attention with their duty with common sense for a greater good society will have peaceful and order. Example such as when police do law enforcement job with commonsense for society. They will arrest criminal with full strength and not receive bribery

For me what I can do to change I think that I will tries to do my duty at my full strength when I do it at full strength and with good attention. When people see what I did it will create an inspiration so everybody will do as same as I did.
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