Thailand General Insurance

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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Thailand: Analysis of the General Insurance Industry

1. Thailand: Country Overview 

1.1 Background 
1.2 Economy 
1.3 Automobile Industry 
1.4 Health & Pharmaceutical Industry 
1.5 Tourism Industry 

2. General Insurance Industry Scenario 

2.1 Direct Premiums Written 
2.2 Statistics of P&C Insurance Industry 
2.3 Key Ratios of P&C Insurance Industry 
2.4 P&C Insurance Industry by Line of Business 
2.5 Key Statistics & Ratios by Line of Business 
2.6 Commissions & Brokerages 

3. Market Segment Analysis 

3.1 Motor Insurance
3.2 Marine and Transport Insurance 
3.3 Fire Insurance 
3.4 Personal Accident Insurance 

4. P&C Market Players

4.1 Viriyah Insurance 
4.2 Dhipaya Insurance 
4.3 Bangkok Insurance 

5. P&C Market Players – Focus on Direct Marketing 

5.1. Falcon Insurance 
5.2 Cigna Thailand 
5.3 NZI Insurance 

6. Mandatory Requirements – General Insurers 

List of Graphs and Tables:

Thailand Economic Growth
Thailand: Automobile Sales (2002-2012F)
Thailand: Automobile Production (2002-2012F)
Thailand: Tourist Arrival (2005-2011F)
Direct Premiums Written of Non-Life Insurance Industry (2007-2010) Key Statistics of General Insurance Industry in Thailand (2007-2010) Key Ratios of Thailand Insurance Fund Business (2006-2010)
P&C Insurance Industry Line of Business (2010)
Key Statistics by Line of Business (2010)
Comparison of Number of Policies in Units by Segments: (2009 vs 2010) Comparison of Sum Insured Of Non-Life Insurance Business: (2009 vs 2010) Loss Ratios by Business Segments: (2007-2010)
Average Commission Rates (%) of P&C Industry in Thailand: (2007-2010) Commission & Brokerages of P&C Insurance Companies by Line of Business: (2010) Motor Insurance Direct Premiums (2007-2010)

Market Share of Direct Premiums of Thailand Motor Insurers (2010) Marine & Transport Insurance Direct Premiums (2007-2010) Market Share of Direct Premiums of Thailand Marine...
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