Thai Culture

Topics: Thailand, Theravada, Cambodia Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: December 7, 2007
The Culture In Thailand

Religion plays a very important role in the Thai society. Religion has helped mold the country it is today by creating freedom, individualism and liberal people in the Thai society. The national religion in Thailand is Buddhism of the Theravada tradition, however there is total religious freedom in Thailand and many other religious practices can be found. Thai Buddhism has changed over many years including many regional beliefs originating from animism as well as ancestor worship. Ninety-five percent of the population is Buddhist while four percent are Muslims, half percent are found to be Christians and the remainder is Sikhs and Hindus. Islam is found in the most southern tip of Thailand The Thai culture is considered to be the sister culture to Cambodia.

The national language in Thailand is considered the "Thai language." Thai language is written in its own alphabet but there are many other dialects that exist in other areas of Thailand. The most common dialects in Thailand are the Isan and Mon-Khmer languages. English is widely taught in the education system however it is not prevalent throughout the country.

Thailand size of its workforce is continuously growing at a fast pace which now exceeds 34.1 million under the age of 30. Each year approximately 800 000 people join the workforce. Thailand's workforce is among the most cost-efficient workforce in the world due to diligence and ability.

Thailands literacy rate is relatively high with an increasing emphasis on greater education in the past several years. The literacy rate for males 15 and older who can read and write is 94.9% and for girls the rate is 90.5%.

Thai cultural habits are very different from the Westerners. Similar to most Asian cultures, Thais show significant respect towards their ancestors and elders which is considered part of their spiritual practices. Thais are known for their generosity and hospitality. Social hierarchy is...
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