Tha Brain of Dr. Vicente

Topics: Problem solving, Cognition Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: October 8, 2012
The Amazing brain.

The story is about one Doctor with name Vicente how die by cancer, he was a wonderful and intelligent Doctor he invented so many things for example one of them was a machine to communicate with the brains, and when he die his colleagues put his brain in a comfortable place and communicate with it by this machine. And they have financial aid from the government to back the Doctor to life and know all the plans the Doctor Vicente had were.

This essay start with this question: What failure caused Dr. Vicente's plans to be ultimately unsuccessful? The associates operated a body to obtain the face of Doctor and they did it successfully. I think that the Doctor despite that his face was the same, he knows that was not his body, maybe for this reason he declined to speak because he did not want that body. Because we knew Doctor was invited to contemplate his face in a mirror and they leave him alone. When they back found a piece of Institute stationery with the word: Impossible! This was one of the obstacles. But for me the most important obstacle was the fact that the body could not speak for this reason the brain can’t explain all the things it though. And for this reason the colleagues surrendered to this event. But we know that always ask the brain about the cadavers they wanted to use for transplantation, this show that the brain had the ability to think and decide. And this was another problem because they were under the orders of the brain. Perhaps if they had not surrendered, they could have an opportunity to teach him to speak or motivate him to do it.

I conclude that the Doctor did not want to share their ideas or plans or maybe he only wants rest in peace. Because the problems that I present could have been avoided or tried to solve. But the other scientists were being manipulated the brain of the Doctor to being someone who he was not and I think this is what started all the problems since the beginning. Because nobody can be...
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