Julie Of The Wolves.
Miyax was lonely and scared in the tundra of Alaska. She used the skills and techniques her father taught her to survive. She had thought that her dad was dead but in the end lives with her dad, even though he embarrassed the American culture, and she wanted to carry on the Eskimo traditions. The three ways that the wolves helped Miyax survive are they gave her food, protection, and sense of family. Without the wolves Miyax would of died.

The first way the wolves helps Miyax survive is by giving her food. At first the wolves didn’t give her food, but then the wolves started to bring her food. The wolves killed a caribou and she gets as much meat as she can. Then Miyax makes caribou stew and then dries and stores the meat.

The wolves protected Miyax by killing Jello because he ate all of the meat Miyax had, and because Jello could of hurt miyax in her sleep. Jello also took Miyaxs pack which had her sewing needles, boots, her ulo knife, and her cooking essentials. The wolves also protected Miyax by chasing a bear away from her.

The wolves gave Miyax a sense of family by accepting her to the pack, by patting Amaroq under the chin.And the wolves would bring Miyax food. Miyax felt that the wolves where her family because she had spent so much time with the wolves. Miyax said that Amaroq was her father and kapu was her brother.

Miyax survived the harsh winter of the tundra of Alaska, with the help of the wolves. Miyax was determined to travel to San Francisco to live with her pen pal Amy, and Miyax was going to San Francisco because she wanted to be more American. On the way to San Francisco Miyax finds her dad and decides to live with him even though he embraced the American culture.

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