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Fill in the missing letters to spell and label body parts  Name: ____________________________

Date: ________________

a_ _

m_ u_ _




f_ _t




Task for Kids

Giving kids specific tasks to do in the kitchen keeps them on track. Kids are better at different tasks at different ages. Here are some examples of what kids can do: Set out the ingredients and utensils on the counter or on a tray. As you use each item, have the kids wrap and put away the rest Teach kids how to measure carefully and accurately

Give kids their own workstations
Give children jobs to help with cleanup
Here are some recipes they can help cook:

Chop onions, olives, and tomatoes with a plastic knife, tear lettuce, grate cheese (an older kid), have an adult brown the meat and you can put together tacos just the way you like them! Salads:
Tear lettuce, chop tomatoes and cucumbers, shake dressing, and you're done!

For Two-Year-Olds
Scrubbing vegetables and fruits
Wiping tables
Dipping vegetables and fruits
Tearing lettuce and salad greens
Breaking bread for stuffing
Putting bread in the toaster
Snapping fresh beans
For Three-Year-Olds
Pouring liquids into a batter
Mixing muffin batter
Shaking a milk drink
Spreading soft spreads
Spreading peanut butter on firm bread
Kneading dough
Placing things in the trash
Clear their place at the table
For Four and Five-Year-Olds
Rolling bananas in cereal for a snack
Peel oranges
Juicing oranges, lemons, and limes
Mashing soft fruits and vegetables
Measuring dry and liquid ingredients
Grinding cooked meat for a meat spread
Beating eggs with an eggbeater
Peel hard-cooked eggs
Set the table
Unload the dishwasher
Break eggs into a bowl
Cut with a blunt knife

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