Textual Form - the Justice Game

Topics: Death Penalty, Emotion, Jonathan Swift Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: August 25, 2012
Textual form has heavily shaped my own understanding of conflicting perspectives through the way people’s opinions and perspectives are displayed through the use of language techniques such as satire and theconstant juxtaposing of emotions, storytelling and the discernment of others perspectives. The Justice Gamewritten by Geoffrey Robertson is a personal account of high profile cases that he himself personally attendedand defended the all too commonly marginalised as Robertson saw himself on more than one occasion ‘as thecarrier of the banner for alternate society’. The justice Game is abundant with great stories, commonly Robertson facing conservative thinking parties and his view thrust upon the reader as a means of recruiting thereaders sub-conscious to agree with himself. This is evident particularly in ‘

the trials of O
z’ and ‘the Romans inBritain’
as they clearly display the discerning, satirical and storytelling elements of textual form in the JusticeGame. Tim Robbins film, Dead Man Walking reveals the conflicting perspectives felt within a community as well as the viewer in relation to their own view on capital punishment but more so the notion of ‘justice’. Robbins achieves this through developing and exploring different textual forms from the views and image of Matthew Poncelet, the convicted murderer and rapist within the community and more importantly SisterHelen Prejean. George Orwell’s The Hangi

ng reveals the displacement felt within a guard about the act of hanging a condemned man. The use of juxtaposing, or the juggling human emotion through the use of similesas well as metaphors is how Orwell has used textual form in this poem to shape my understanding of conflicting perspectives.
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