Textual Analysis of the Story of an Hour

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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1. Figurative Language: I-) Metaphors:
*The storm of grief:  If someone has a storm of grief, they cry loudly, uncontrollably and for a long time. *Physical exhaustion that haunted her body: Here the writer is trying to say that the exhaustion was all over her body. *Breath of the rain: It means that you can feel the rain.

*Monstrous joy: Here it is meant that the joy was so strong that it seized her body. (The qualities of a monster) ıı-) there aren’t any idioms in this text.
ııı-) Symbols:
*She could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life. Here she understands that the life is not over and despite everything life goes on. In my opinion she must be a strong person, because no matter what happens she knows that the will go on. ıv-) Similes:

* There was a feverish triumph in her eyes, and she carried herself unwittingly like a goddess of Victory. Writer is trying to say how strong she is, and make her look like a goddess of Victory. 2. Diction: She wept at once, with sudden wild abandonment it her sisters arms. *Verbs : told , received , taken , wept , spent , went , sank , reach , met , sat , filled , whispered , abandoned , followed , opened etc… * Adjectives : broken , careful , delicious , countless , calm , blue , fearful , fast , monstrous , amazed , etc…

3. Literal content: Mrs. Mallard is a woman with a heart disease and her sister tells her that her husband was dead in a railway accident. Thereupon she goes to her room to be alone and while she was trying to accept this fact her husband shows up and sick heart can’t put up with all these and she dies. 6. Characterization: There are 4 characters in this text

*Mrs. Mallard: The main character. The woman with heart disease *Mr. Mallard: Mrs. Mallard husband.
*Josephine: Mrs. Mallard’s sister, who tells the bad news. *Richard: Mr. Mallard’s friend.
7. Tone: The text is written in sentimental tone, because it...
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