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Topics: Literary Genre, Film, Natalie Portman Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Black Swan textual analysis
Black swan is a psychological thriller based around ballet, this give off a slight uneasiness as death, blood and gore and three things you wouldn’t usually associate with ballet. Generally because it’s a movie about ballet and dancing then only women and the occasional man getting forced to watch it by his girlfriend would see this movie. The psychological thriller aspect of this movie appeals to a number of people with it being a hybrid genre, so not just women but for young male adults. The film was realised in January 2011 and won a BAFTA award for best actress. The first thing we see is a black room with a spotlight of a dancer just off the centre of the screen with the voice over stating "I had a dream last night about a girl who was turned into a swan, and her prince falls for the wrong girl, and she kills herself". This can be linked with Levi-Strauss’ theory of opposites with the black room possibly representing the Black Swan surrounding here or trapping here but she is still the white. An establishing shot of the ballet room the film places much emphasis on gives us an idea of where the film is based, with lots of dancers practising together in a dark room - the walls and floor are all black. This colour is of key focus to the shot, this might represents the darkness of her state of mind throughout the movie and the fact she will always be left in the dark. The genre just like Nina’s (Natalie Portman) state of mind is unclear and not one thing. It is a hybrid. A drama and a psychological thriller. Throughout the film the audience finds it hard to pin point what is actually going on, we don’t know what is real and what is in Nina’s head. The movie is based on the Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, a very elegant and graceful ballet but Black Swan is the total opposite which also links to Levi- Strauss’ narrative theory. The black swan and white swan characters are exaggerated by the use of the colours black and white as those...
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