Texting While Driving

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Habits Texting Has Caused throughout the United States
“Beware the Dangers of Texting While Driving.” Texting While Driving July-Aug. 2010: n. pag. http://www.google.com. Web. 10 Feb. 2011. . Cell phones have brought us a lot convenient ways to talk to people. When it comes to road safety, the cell phone is very hazardous. Accidents have increased dramatically since texting has become more popular and people have taken chances of texting while driving. Even the small amount of time to glance at your phone to send a text is enough time to cause a deadly accident. Also, if your texting while driving your concentration on the text and it prevents the driver from thinking quickly in any driving situation. “Fighting a Bad Habit.” Grand Forks Herald [Grand Forks] 14 Oct. 2010: n. pag. Gale Student Resources in Context. Web. 3 Feb. 2011. . Many students in Grand Forks have been shocked to hear that a law passed explaining no texting while driving. Many of them say they will still text and drive while others promise they will not. While surveying teenager’s data shows that seven in 10 now text and drive with two in 10 saying they did it all the time or most of the time. Eight in 10 agreeing that it’s dangerous and nearly six in 10 saying it should be banned. Also, studies show that not only do teenagers have these bad habits of texting but many adults with a cell phone have been distracted and caused a small accident. It is said that texting and driving is found to be a greater distraction then being intoxicated while driving. Overall, many teens and adults have texting bad habits but that can lead to not only putting your life in jeopardy but others on the road as well. “Literacy and Text Messaging.” Rev. of The Effects of Text Messaging on Literacy. Effects of Text Messaging on Literacy (Oct. 2007): 1-5. http://www.google.com. Web. 8 Feb. 2011. . This article gives information about many different views of texting making students seem illiterate on papers for school....
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