Texting While Driving

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Heather Wilson was a 19 year old girl attending Fairmont Junior College. She was studying criminal justice, in hopes of someday working in a forensic lab. She was looking forward to finishing at Fairmont and moving on to a four year college. Heather made a terrible mistake on the fatal night of December 29, 2009. While texting a friend she struck a guardrail doing about sixty miles per hour, causing her car to flip and slide down into a ditch costing her, her life. Texting while driving is a senseless way for people to be injured or even killed. Just imagine living out your life feeling as thou you could have prevented a death, or even life-long injury of a friend, family member, or an innocent civilian just by setting down your phone, and focusing on driving. Thinking about it you may catch yourself repeating phrases such as “That wouldn’t happen to me” or “I can multi-task”, but when it really comes down to it no one’s life, including your own is worth a text message. Each year nearly half of a million people are critically injured and up to five thousand five hundred people are killed by a distracted driver, and both numbers have risen drastically since 2004. Now pick up your cell phone and read your last received text message and ask yourself is that text message worth someone’s life? Not only does texting while driving effect you, but it affects other people that you have a relationship with. If you were to die from a fatal crash, because you were texting while driving, imagine the grieving that loved ones in your life would go through. What if the day that happened you were arguing to a family member or even just a close friend, and the last thing you said to them was hateful if you were to pass just because of a text you would never get the chance to set things right, that person might even feel guilty and carry that with them throughout life. Sure the physical impact of a wreck while you were texting and driving could kill you or even...
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