Texting While Driving

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Tram accident Pages: 4 (1688 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Cell Phone Alert

What in the world would people do without their cell phones? These handy little devices have proven to be incredibly useful time and time again. Need to make a phone call while already out? Break out that cell phone and call whomever is needed; it is just that easy. Need to get a message to someone but not in a position to talk? Send a text message and get things squared away in just a few seconds. Nowadays, cell phones even come with all kinds of games and other fun applications that help to relieve boredom and occupy the time of the beholders. This is great and all, but what happens when these individuals are abusing these phones and using them while they are driving? Sending text messages distracts the drivers eyes, placing calls diverts their attention, and application usage is a huge distraction all on its own. There should be no question about it; cell phone use should be banned when behind the wheel of a car!

How can one focus on driving if their attention is diverted to the phone to try and read a text message, or to try to send a text message? When the eyes are focused down on the phone, they have to be taken off the road. This leaves plenty of time for the driver to swerve off course just enough to hit a pedestrian, or fail to take notice to a red light or approaching car. This distracted driver could hit an innocent bystander walking down the side walk, run a red light and cause an accident, or slam into the back of another car because another (more attentive driver) stopped at the red light. The differing situations go on and on, and luckily more and more states are realizing this terrible trend as well. As noted by Kara Rose, “Nine states made texting while driving a primary offense in 2010, and four more have done so this year, including Nevada, which will issue warnings until the law is in full effect Jan. 1, 2012” (pg. 03a). Now, there are fifty states in the United States and only nine of them have come to the...
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