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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Rough Draft
Cuban sandwiches are a favorite in Miami, Florida, where the sandwich is purchased at restaurants or from street corner vendors. Although a Cuban sandwich is much like a regular ham and cheese sandwich, quality ingredients and the technique of grilling the bread until it is golden and crispy make the difference. It is not difficult to make a Cuban sandwich. The Cuban sandwich is a really popular sandwich; which is why it is easy to find all the products that we need to make this delicious sandwich. Cuban sandwich has a fabulous taste that makes the sandwich unique. All what we need is to go to the super market and buy these ingredients: * Cuban, French or Italian bread loaf

* Bread knife
* Mustard
* 8 to 10 dill pickle slices
* 2 slices Swiss cheese
* 5 slices thinly sliced Virginia or Black Forest ham
* 2 slices roast pork
* Butter
* Sandwich press, Panini maker, waffle iron or other pressing tool * Non-stick spray (optional)
Based on the recipe of our grandparents and having all the ingredients that we need, we begin with a fresh loaf of Cuban bread. Cuban bread is thinner than a traditional bread loaf, resulting in a slightly crunchy sandwich. If you don't have access to Cuban bread, then French or Italian bread, or even a hoagie roll, will do. After that, use a bread knife to cut both ends off the loaf of bread. The remaining loaf, which will be used to make the Cuban sandwich, can be any size you like. Most people prefer their sandwiches about 7 inches long. The next step is to stand the bread on end and slice the loaf in half. After that lay the sliced bread in front of you with the insides facing up. Spread about 2 tbs. of regular mustard evenly over the cut side of the bread top. Went you have all that done you place 8 to 10 thin dill pickle slices-about 2 large; sliced dill pickles-on top of the mustard. Place 2 slices of Swiss cheese on top of the sliced pickles too. Next...
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