Texting vs. Txting

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Texting vs. Txting
We live in a society where education and experience are some of the most valued characteristics to acquiring a well-paid job in the vast job market. We no longer live in the past where a high school degree was enough to land you a managerial position in a corporate company, and our expectations for education do not stop at an early accomplishment of an Associate’s Degree. We need, and presume for more. Starting out with a minute understanding of the world, we have evolved and grown to comprehend not only the physics of nature, but we are now capable of predicting what will happen next in our daily lives. Over the last centuries we have developed numerous languages and techniques to be able to thoroughly communicate and express our feeling to one another. Language is a method for communication and should not be taken for anything higher. Why can’t we simplify the language to our benefits to promote a more effective, and efficient system of communication? Currently texting is defined as a “textese,” “slanguage,” or a “digital virus” (Crystal 335). Texting is a source of communication, promoting positive impacts on learning, time consumption, and social interactions.

Texting consists of numbers, letters, and signs which allow us to condense long and challenging expressions into more efficiently read words on a keyboard. Texting is used to condense elongated words into simpler more easily typed words. The word “message” can be converted to simpler more efficient term “msg.” Before you break any rules of the English language, you first need to understand the linguistic rules of the correct language to be able to text appropriately. Texting helps the users to comprehend the language more than ever before as David Crystal states, “The latest studies ( from a team at Coventry University) have found strong positive links between the use of texting language and the skills underlying success in standard English in pre-teenage children”(Crystal 345)....
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