Texting vs Calling

Topics: Mobile phone, Bluetooth, Telephone Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Texting VS Calling

It seems that this day and age more and more people are in the process of communicating through text rather than speaking on the phone. Many people say that texting is a faster cheaper way to communicate. In general, the convenience of texting is more important to society than the cost of savings. But too much of a good thing is never ideal. Although phone calls and texting aim to accomplish the same task, texting can have direct consequences if not used in moderation. (Oppapers 2012) Texting is the newest and coolest thing to society especially within teens and young adults. Texting lets you say what you need to say and leave it at that without having to carry on a long conversation. Most cell phone plans have unlimited texting which is an ideal thing when it comes to teens. It saves you time when communicating which has your battery lasting longer or you can simply send them a quick picture instead of calling and saying hey this is what so and so did doesn’t that sound cute, now they can physically see it for themselves. Texting can save you the direct embarrassment that you could experience when physically talking to a person. A phone conversation takes place on a more personable level. Talking on the phone lets you have a longer conversation in shorter amount of time it takes less time to tell a story than to text a story. You do not always have to have a cell phone plan you can have a landline and still be able to talk cheaper than a cell phone plan. It is a safer way to communicate while in the car. You can have a headset or some cars have cell phone sync and you can talk hands free. While texting is a more efficient convenient way of communicating with people, it is taking over the younger generation. You will find teens simply text each other while they are sitting right across from each other instead of speaking to communicate. While on the other hand making a phone call could be more upsetting by simply hearing the...
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