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In my eyes, the above symbols form a complete and coherent sentence. Without thinking twice, I can respond to this with “Nm u?” However, my sister, who is a self-proclaimed grammar (not grammer) nerd, would have a heart attack if someone dared to ask her “What’s up?” without the appropriate spelling and punctuation. This difference, along with the article we read by Clyde Haberman, got me thinking about what exactly grammar is and what it represents to us in a society. I believe grammar is important to know, but is not always important or mandatory to use. I’d like to understand why people like my sister find it important in today’s day and age of texting and twitter to cling onto a concept that is so archaic.

For example, when Abacuses (abaci?) became outdated with the invention of calculators, did people hold onto the concept of counting beads to do math? Maybe some did, but their opinions did not matter because there was a new and easier way to do things. In this case, it is multiplication. Today, abbreviated spelling and optional punctuation are the calculator equivalent of an old and hard way of doing things.

It is true that knowing grammar is important, in the same way that it is important to know basic math. I agree with the author that there are times when using incorrect grammar is unacceptable, such as formal settings. In order to prove that you are an intelligent and skilled person in professional settings, such as school or work, or when you are trying to set a good impression, you must have a basic mastery of grammar. On a resume, for example, I wouldn’t dare have a single grammatical because it gives a bad impression. If you know everything there is to know about a topic, but you pass on that information with incorrect grammar, no one is going to believe you. It will make you look like an unintelligent fool. Automatic spell check and grammar check can only help you so much. It is important for everyone to know the differences...
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