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Topics: SMS, English language Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: October 7, 2012
The New Texting Language: Bilingual or Lazy?
The use of cell phones has taken over this generation’s communication with each other. According to Timothy Barranco, he says that in “Today’s society the youth are becoming bilingual without even realizing it.” (Barranco Pg.27) The author analyzes whether the texting language can be considered a second language, or is the new language just another way for Americans to diminish the English language.

In the article “A Way with Words, or Away with Words: Effect of Texting and IM’ing on Language,” Timothy Barranco debates whether the texting language will have a positive or negative impact on our English language. The author argues that the youth are becoming “bilingual,” whereas others believe the text language is a “degradation of proper English.” (Barranco Pg., 27) Being bilingual at a young age will allow for better opportunities in the future when it comes to jobs. The author conducts research on this subject by contacting Naomi Baron a professor of linguistics at the American University in Washington D.C; which includes “teenagers naturally drift away from the txt language.” (Baron Pg.28) Barranco compares the modern text language to the Ebonics language in the article and argues that regardless for what kind of dialect is being spoken, it should be valued for expanding new ways to use the English language. The topic of texting being a concern is nothing new says Barranco; he believes people will always question change, so the texting language should not be something to fret over. The author concludes with a statement saying that people should accept change and use the language as a tool instead of considering it a burden. The author uses powerful rhetorical strategies in order to covey his message that include the new texting language is simply a creative tool for today’s youth, and we should utilize it, not ridicule the language on a daily basis. Barranco’s use of ethos, logos, and style of writing were all...
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