Texting Analysis

Topics: Writing, Language, TEXT Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Texting is constantly changing our language. It is a relatively new worldwide phenomenon that is an example of language in evolution. The use of abbreviations, digits and the general absence of any vowels has changed the way we can communicate with people and how we use the written word by mobile phone.There are critics however such as author John Humphrys who wrote I h8 texting he believes that texting is ruining our language and that it makes people lazy with how they write. By exploring and comparing two differently opinionated pieces and conducting a survey of randomly chosen people think, will give us an overview of how texting has changed our language and if people truly believe it has changed the way we communicate.Less than a decade ago, hardly anyone had heard of it. Texting is the latest infection and everyone is doing it . I only think it is a matter of time before the older generation give in. My own opinion of texting is that it is quick, simple and the most convenient way to communicate. Messages do not have to be read instantly but at the recipients' convenience, the written word is also sometimes easier than the spoken word if time is of an issue, a situation is awkward between two people, a sender is shy or has a speech impediment. I think that people could say that these words are just a mutilation of standard English, but I believe that it is not. I believe that they are contractions and not mutilations. This is because text language is very multi-modal and that makes it very unique, and therefore creative. An example is the word 'hey' which is heavily used in texts. This takes advantage of both spoken and written English, and because of that fact I think contractions are creative. Calling this uncreative as a mutilation is unfair, as I think it is very multi-modal and that is a good thing. Texting should be seen as a new and exciting form of speech. To criticise text language for making us bad spellers or as ruining the language is to...
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