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We can all agree that great communication skills are a magnificent thing. Having great social skills has been linked to better communication, more relationships, efficiency and a better career. Nowadays, it seems that our social skills may be dwindling because of this new technology. Many individuals text from their cell phones in social settings. Cell phone texting is becoming a hindrance to social skills; Texting is a huge social problem!

Texting is the cause of many communication problems. Such as my boyfriend and I, we always have a fight when we have a long conversation by texting. The problem is misunderstanding, and lack of appreciation. Instead of face to face saying:“ Sorry, apology, love you”, we used texting as a way to avoid the risks of face to face. But we realized that an apology is really different. An apology is when we face each other, we see that we’ve hurt others, we feel bad, and we try to make it right later on. In the opposite way, we would never know how we have hurt and not appreciated each other.

Another occurrence of text messaging is when people are out in social settings. For this example, we will use an individual at a party. This individual does not spend his time speaking and creating interpersonal social skills. He is off in the corner checking his phone and texting with other individuals who are not present. Real life humans are in their immediate setting; however, this person chose to be anti-social and keep the unpresent individuals in the loop. Another bad occurrence that can be made in the same social setting is the individual who speaks and is constantly interrupted by a text message. They start their conversation and in the middle of the conversation they stop, check their phone, and reply. Text messaging that has importance over everything is our next social problem. The individuals who will stop the world and text are over increasing. They can range from friends, to coworkers, clients, business...
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