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Jessica Holland - Textiles - Fibres

What must happen to the fibres before they are used to make Fabrics?
Fibres are thin and small and cannot be made into afabric directly. So they are first converted into yarns which are longer, thicker and stronger. We then use these yarns to make fabrics. The process of making yarns from fibres is called spinning. Here the fibres are not only twisted but also pulled out or drawn. The spinning process helps to hold the fibres together and makes the yarns strong, smooth and fine. Then the yarns are now strong enough to make fabric. The whole process of interlacing two sets of yarns at right angles to make a fabric is calledweaving. Weaving is done on looms, weaving is done by fitting one set of yarns on the loom which forms the length, the other set of yarns interlaced at right angles and called wefts. The yarns can be interlaced in many different ways to make different kinds of fabrics like matt, satin, velvet, towels,etc.

Describe the origin of synthetic fibres
Synthetic fibres are made entirely from chemicals. Synthetic fibres are usually stronger than either natural or regenerated fibres. Polyester -Whinfield and Dickson along with inventors W.K. Birtwhistle and C.G. Ritchiethey also created the first polyester fibre called Terylene in 1941. Spandex -It is a man-made fibre (segmented polyurethane) able to stretch at least 100% and snap back like natural rubber. It replaced the rubber used in women's underwear. Spandex was created in the late 1950s, developed by E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Inc. The first commercial production of spandex fibre in the United States began in 1959.

Describe the origin of regenerated fibres?

Regenerated fibres are made from natural materials by processing these materials to form a fibre structure. Also called cellulosics, regenerated fibres are derived from the cellulose in cotton and wood pulp. Rayon and acetate are two common regenerated...
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