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Task Analysis
As a designer I have been asked to design and make a textile product suitable for the 18-23 age range taking inspiration from the ‘Age of Punk’. If the product is successful it will form part of a limited range to be sold at music festivals throughout the country. When I have done research I will be able to identify the target market’s likes and dislikes. The people I imagine to buy this product will be people that have an interest in the age of punk. I will be making a hooded cape. It’s important that I produce a prototype that will be unique and represent the punk culture. Taking into consideration that the target market is between the ages of 18-23 so you could assume that they’re in university, students or young adults starting new jobs or unemployed therefore the price range should be affordable. However research should be done to find out how much the target group are willing to pay. The cape will be retailed in music festivals all over the UK. If proves successful this will be a one off item. If the cape is successful in may be produced in a batch so I will need to understand the industrial process. Advertising is important so I will see how other companies advertise to my target market in order to make the product a success. I imagine my product will be shown in music festival stalls. Furthermore the biggest issue in designing and marketing a textile product is the cost of manufacturing. I need to make a decision about the costs of materials and parts. For example some fabrics cost less than others but may not have the right properties to fit its purpose, so research would have to be done. My first production stage will be the toile. This should be produced to guide the manufacturers thinking. Questions will need to be asked such as are the materials good quality? Will it work? Will it fit? Will it be able to be produced? All of these questions will need to be thought about before any final decisions are made. A full product evaluation...
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