Textile Industry of Bangladesh

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Part# 1 Introduction

Origin of the report
After Liberation when country's traditional items of export could not yield expected result, in late 70s the government and a section of entrepreneurs - young, educated and dynamic, began to emphasize on development of non-traditional items of export. By the year 1983, Ready-Made-Garment (RMG) emerged to be a non-traditional export oriented sector most promising in the socioeconomic context of the country. By that time, those entrepreneurs felt a necessity of sectoral trade body, non-government in nature, free from traditional bureaucracy, to help the RMG sector and to boost up the foreign exchange earnings of the country urgently needed at that time. Responding to that necessity, 19 (Nineteen) RMG manufacturers and exporters joined together and by their untiring efforts got Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) incorporated on February 20, 1983, Today 2400 small and medium scale privately owned garment factories, registered with BGMEA, spread in cluster over the EPZ and urban areas of Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna, are manufacturing ready-made garments of varied specifications as per size and designs stipulated by the overseas buyers. Starting with a few items, the entrepreneurs in the RMG sector have widely diversified the product base ranging from ordinary shirt, T-shirt, trousers, shorts, pajama, ladie's wear and children's wear to sophisticated high value items like quality suits, branded jeans items, jackets-both cotton and leather, sweaters, embroidered wear etc. Objective: To know about the behavioral pattern in readymade garments industry of Bangladesh. * I collect both secondary and primary data.

* I use both close and open system to collect data.

Secondary data sources
* Journal
* Internet (Google ,Wikipedia)
* Website (www.dkl.com)
* Prospectors

* Analysis the accurate information from both primary & secondary research. * Compare & contrast between different management systems in current use in the clothing Industry. * To follow the sequence of design on this management system through in creative innovation. * Evaluate & critically compare the use of systems in different contexts.

Background of the study
This report is prepared to fulfill the core requirement of course “Organization Behavior. I have prepared this report for our honorable MD. Anamul Habib Assistant Professor Southeast University. The primary goal of the assignment is to provide a smooth transition from the student life to the corporate world. I have prepared this high valued report on a company.

Purpose of the Study
The Purpose of preparing this report is to apply Organizational behavior knowledge in the field of real business world. All these days we have learnt only few basics on how business works. Limitations

When I am preparing the report that time I faced some limitations because I could not get the accurate information in such way. When I went to collect information for our survey that time I also faced some problem. Some of them were not interested to give information willingly. When I made interview with my director and manager and also executive then they did not provide their accurate internal information. So that was difficult to prepare report perfectly. On the other hand I didn’t get enough time to prepare this report and analyzing this report. Financial Budget is also an obstacle to prepare this report.

Part# 2 Organizational Part

Organization structure and documentation system:

Shamser Knit Fashions Ltd would like to introduce them as one of the leading, well established and reliable readymade knit factory in Bangladesh is ever since it’s emergency. It...
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