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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Print media has always been important to trade and industry. However, with the rise of technology, some people have come to the conclusion that print media will eventually become extinct. Businesses have always been extremely dependent on advertising, which includes advertisements in newspapers, magazines, brochures, and pamphlets. Considering the habit many people have of sipping their morning coffee while reading the day’s newspaper, or curling up with a good book at night shows that print media still holds a significant place in everyday life. As younger generations continue to grow, print media will still be reasonably relevant and important but will eventually phase out due to the advancement in technology. Women who have a lot of time on their hands always refer to magazines for the latest fashion trends. These are the women who can afford to buy things; hence, they are good for business. Reaching them through print media make them possible buyers of the products being endorsed therein. If the time comes to where print media becomes obsolete, businesses will have to rely solely on the Internet, TV commercials, and the online version of their newspaper for advertisement. In a sense, businesses will be losing the touch of those of the older generations who have formed the habit of reading newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, people constantly on the run do not even have the time to watch TV, and if they do find the time, most people end up watching the news more than anything on television. Product exposure through TV ads would then reach only a limited part of the market. Nowadays, people rely on various technologies to carry out their day-to-day rituals, causing the steady decline of print media over the past five years. Now, all of the media that was previously printed every single day can now be downloaded from the palm of your hand in a matter of seconds. Technology without a doubt has the leading edge over print media. Those...
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