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Text speak is today’s younger generations slang, according to Urban Dictionary, this is defined as “the continual and ever-changing use and definition of words in informal conversation, often using references as a means of comparison or showing likeness.” In my daily life, I would say that I do not use text speak very often in my daily life, and I do not know many people that use it constantly when speaking. The main times I really see text speak used is when people are chatting online or in texts.

From my experience, people usually understand text speak, but I do not used very confusing text speak nor have I really encountered it when texting or chatting with friends. When I say confusing text speak I mean text speak when people sat things like, OMG I can't BlEv ppl TLK lIk DIS. cn ppl undR stNd aL of it? That is one type of text speak I cannot understand; the above sentence actually says, Oh my god, I can’t believe people talk like this. Can people understand all of it? When I use text speak I usually will use substitutions like b4 instead of before, ppl instead of people, or 2 instead of to and two. Other popular text speak words I found myself using were l8r (later), txt (text), Kk (Okay), ur (your), and r u (are you). Usually people do understand when I do use these substitutions a.k.a text speak, because they are very similar to the structure of the original word. I would say that there are certain rules to using text speak. The main rule that I follow when using text speak is Identify who you are emailing, chatting, or texting. If you are texting someone who could be a potential networking contact or just someone who is in a position that deserve respect, one should not use text speak. Slang in general should be used only around friends or peers that you feel comfortable using it around, maybe even parents if you feel comfortable with it. Going through UrbanDictionary.com I would say that if was pretty difficult trying to find ten words that I use on...
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