Text Messaging: a New Language

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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Kenny Powers
Assignment 1, Draft 1
English Comp I
September 7, 2011
Text Messaging: A New Language
When I discovered text messaging I was amazed at how fast and easy it was. I could hold a conversation with someone without being face to face or over the phone. I could write anything I wanted to without any limitations. Some text messages were just pointless conversations and then some had importance and urgency. There has been many times where I have waited in a breathless state to receive a message. Text messaging for me opens up a new world of writing. It has improved my writing tremendously and helped boost my confidence. The most important influence is the ease that it gives someone to speak out. Text messaging breaks the barriers of normal writing and enhances everyday composition.

When you receive a text message the first thing you do is read it. Then you are able to enjoy voicing your own opinion. You are able to type anything to get your point across. The best part about text messaging is you can make anything short and simple. There have been a lot of times where one text message has had an effect on me. When one of my good friends would pick me up before school I would always be awaiting a message letting me know he is outside. And when I received it I wouldn’t hesitate to text back the usual response, “coming.” The little things are always nice but then there are the more urgent text messages. The day my dad told me my grandma passed away was through a text message. It wasn’t a shock but I was still upset. It didn’t stop me from sending one back asking how my mom was handling it. Every text message a person receives gives them the opportunity or a call to write back.

The way you write a text message indicates the mood or mind frame you are in. The only problem is sometimes people say one thing but mean another. The way you type something can have a different effect on the person reading it. When I sent a text to my sister explaining how she...
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