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Topics: Philippines, Text messaging, Social network service Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: February 12, 2011
“eOw PhoWwzZzz!” A Jejemon is anybody who deliberately stretches and ‘styles’ the words he types by adding or replacing letters, symbols, and numbers to the point that only another Jejemon can understand. They don’t spell even one word correctly. Jejemons are how these people are called here in the Philippines. Aside from their typing manner and established alphabet, the Jejemons also made up their own fashion. The Jejemons are known for their lay-on-your-head rainbow caps, grill shades, extremely baggy shirts, bright purple skinny jeans, rainbow handbags or backpacks, and the dismembered Philippine flag as design printed on these. How was the word coined? The word Jejemon came from ‘jeje’ and ‘mon.’ ‘Jeje’ is used because Jejemons often write this to substitute ‘hehe,’ to express mischievous laughter, and to imitate pronunciation in Spanish, Filipino’s father language. ‘Mon,’ short for monsters, is used to imitate Pokemon.

These Jejemons have been epidemic, countless, and hated that this term was born to categorize them. These Jejemons are usually seen in social networking sites, your email inbox, or in your text message inbox. When come across, most people are stumped and irritated. Because of their negatively criticized habit, people who oppose and hate them have also been forming their groups and shouting their opinions in the same websites. How did Jejemons come to be? Quoted in Manila Bulletin Online, this kind of typing rooted when mobile messaging became famous in the Philippines (MBO). Since then, Philippines have been in the top ranks of most text messages sent per day of a country in the world. While text messages were limited to 160 characters, people shortened the words by removing vowels or replacing letters with numbers. Ironically and unfortunately, the Jejemon habit emerged from this or if not, they probably popped up out of nowhere. Since there is no right way of typing a message, most people imitate others, and this...
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