Text Messaging

Topics: Instant messaging, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: May 19, 2013
In this era ,the rapid of the evolution of technology make people become more easier to communicate well with others around the world. With this technology advance , has led to not only voice but the ability to send across the data in the form of text and even video. Facebook , twitter ,whatapps and skype are some examples of free online text messaging via Internet. Now, text messaging is becoming a trend and as a way to make a conversation with others. But , the question is , “ Is text messaging killing the art of conversation ?”. One advantage by sending the text messaging is perhaps texting or messaging is a way for being courteous before we started our conversation in the phone. Some people prefer to text someone first to ask permission , it is convenient to talk or not because to avoid disturbing people. Besides , not all people are comfortable when talk through the phone. They would rather another people use text messaging to contact them .For example , if they talk to someone who are love talking without stop, they will feel not comfortable. In addition , text messaging can save our time and money. With texting or messaging , it’s more cheaper and more comfortable to text especially for student . It’s necessity for students due to the costs because phone call are costly. Furthermore , there is no time limits with text messaging . We can send a text messaging anytime we want without disturbing other people. Other than that , text messaging also can give bad effect to us .It might make people feel shy, as they are used to communicate without having to speak or to do the conversation face to face with other people .

A message board or chat rooms messenger is a discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages where it makes our conversation isn’t dead. Usually in our message conversation...
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