Text Messaging

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, SMS Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: March 7, 2013

In today’s day and age the world is molded with many modern technologies just like the widespread use of cell phone, computer, television and other breakthroughs of technology. The messages are transferred in a faster and easier way through texting. The text messaging menstruation is now widespread throughout the world. All age, gender and status in society is exposed in this way through cell phone message. Part of every human life, especially the professionals, we cannot deny the fact the great influence in the creation of this text message in humankind.  Text messaging, or texting, is the act of typing and sending a brief, electronic message between two or more mobile phones or fixed or portable devices over a phone network. The term originally referred to messages sent using the Short Message Service (SMS); it can send up to 160 characters or fewer; newer phones can hold up to 20 pages of 160 characters. Because of this useful features, mobile phones turns as the highest selling and most demanding gadget nowadays (Yakubovsky 2013). According to 2009 stats, the Philippines became known as the "text capital of the world" because there are about 72 million mobile-service subscriptions with around 1.39 billion SMS messages being sent in the Philippines daily. It is roughly 80% of the Filipino population and most of them are the students. There is a research study, conducted by Ball State University, shows that 99 percent of college students use cellular phones and Over the last few years, the image of students talking, texting or e-mailing on their phones in between classes has become increasingly common on most college campuses. And this means that if it is the findings in Ball State University, how much more in University of Southeastern Philippines.

Because of the widespread of sending and texting messages among the college students, this study aims to answer these questions:

1) What are the...
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