Text Books Should Be Replaced with I-Pads and Online Resources

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, University Pages: 5 (1488 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Attention getter| Hostel is a place where school or university provided for students or certain groups of workers that their houses are far from it.| General statement| Life in hostel is different from the life in a home.| Thesis statement| Due to this positive environment, staying in hostel can ensure students’ academic excellence.| | |

PROs| |
| |
BODY 1| |
Topic sentence| Firstly, the factor involve is friends. At hostel we get a lot of friends.| Supporting detail 1| Easy to form a group discussion because have many friend at hostel compare at home.| Supporting detail 2| Moreover, friend also will make us more spirited to study because we have competitive with each other to get successful or the higher mark.| Supporting detail 3| Be good friend with senior has more privileges to us because senior which a good students may become a good example for junior.| Concluding sentence| The hostel life is really need friends to complete the daily activity as a student.| | |

BODY 2| |
Topic sentence| Secondly is about organized schedule. Schedule is a list of the times when events are planned to happen, especially time for study and it really important to make the life at hostel move properly.| Supporting detail 1| That include the time management skills, they must take his food at fixed hours. They cannot keep late hours and has to go to bed early and get up next morning very early. This regularity keeps him fit and smart.| Supporting detail 2| In addition, they also can practise disciplines that they should know when far from family. It will make they are more confident and disciplines to make something without family sight.| Supporting detail 3| It will make they are more confident and disciplined to make something without family sight. When they already have a schedule, the homework or all work that they get will finish it on time.| Concluding sentence| This helps them in maintaining discipline in their life style and students will be more focus in their studies.| | |

BODY 3| |
Topic sentence| The lastly is about facilities that have provide in hostel. Compare at home, many facilities that hostels provide to give comfortable for their students such as electricity, sports, gym, internet and others.| Supporting detail 1| Study room is a one of the facilities that have provide in hostel. The student can use it and will focus about study because no interference from friends compared study at the bedroom| Supporting detail 2| Furthermore, Wi-Fi or internet also was providing at hostel. This facility is available for student inside the hostel to make sure the students easy and require it for doing their assignments and other purposes.| Supporting detail 3| The hostel also have the sports facility both indoor and outdoor games facility which are contain play ground and have some indoor games to make sure student can enjoy and not get bored in hostel.| Concluding sentence| Therefore, facilities that have providing in hostel are to make sure the students not get stress in study and make them enjoy in study.| | |

CON| |
| |
BODY 4| |
Con 1| The problem that the student gets when staying at hostels is far from family. For a certain student which is never far from their family, they will get homesick and not comfortable when staying at hostel.| Refute 1| So, the solution is family can visit them anytime they like.| Con 2| Besides that, maybe many people think they must study all the time when they staying at hostel.| Refute 2| That is why the facilities were provided such as sports to make sure their students have a time to play that and not only study all the time.| Con 3| Other than that, financial also will be problem to the students in daily uses.| Refute 3| So, the scholarship was given to them to help the student study well and not have a...
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