Text Analysis the Lumber-Room

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  • Published: October 7, 2011
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Hector Munro (pseudonym Saki, 1870-1916) is a British novelist and a short-story writer. He is best known for his short stories. Hector Hugh Munro was a British writer, whose witty stories satirized Edwardian society and culture. The author’s style of writing is satirical in a humorous way. He uses a witty tone to mimic characters in order to subtly criticize them. The criticism is done in a subtle way that is humorous. The plot of the story revolves around a little orphan Nicholas who was trusted to his tyrannical and dull-witted aunt. One day Nicholas was “in disgrace”, so he made his Aunt believe that he was somehow trying to get into the gooseberry garden, but instead had no intention of doing so but did sneak into the Lumber Room. There a tremendous picture of a hunter and a stag opened to him. Soon his aunt tried to look for the boy and slipped into the rain-water tank. She asked Nicholas to fetch her a ladder but the boy pretended not to understand her, he said that she was the Evil One (This metaphor shows author’s irony and essential clue to the character). The plot is ordered chronologically, each episode is given with more and more emphasis. The author’s choice of vocabulary and stylistic devices in this story emphasize a deep dissension between generations, to convey a thrilling power of child’s creative mind. The story could be divided into two logically complete parts. The first part opens with the introduction of the characters. Nicolas and his cousins were taken to the sands of Jagborough as a special treat. This trip was the idea of Nicolas’s aunt, a woman of ungovernable temper. The reason for such kind of punishment was Nicolas’s morning trick when he refused to eat his wholesome bread-and-milk on the seemingly frivolous ground that there was a frog in it. But indeed he had put a frog there himself. So, Nicolas was in disgrace and he was prohibited enter a gooseberry garden. He deceived his aunt by making her think that he wants to enter the g. g. As a matter of fact he had no intention to get into that garden. And this trick helped him to get into the lumber-room, treasure house for Nicolas’s eyes and imagination… Here starts the second logically complete part the title “Nicolas in Wonderland” can be suggested. Here Nicolas discovered a lot of different old things some of which belong to the art and all these things excite his curiosity and elation. After enjoying several golden minutes in the lumber-room Nicolas came out of the room on hearing his aunt’s voice. She had slipped into the rain-water tank and she wanted him to help her out. But here Nicolas played one more trick with his aunt. He told that his aunt prohibited him enter the garden and the voice from the rain-water tank was the Evil’ voice who tempted him to commit a sin. So, in such a brilliant way he refused to help his aunt. The evening was in silence, children didn’t enjoy the sands, the aunt was also in low spirits, just Nicolas was still thinking about the probable continuation of the scene that he saw on the picture in the lumber-room. In this story the author uses direct and indirect characterization of the main heroes. For example, we can see direct characterization of the aunt – “She was a woman of few ideas, with immense power of concentration…” or “the aunt by assertion” or “Older and wiser and better people…” that is how the aunt immodestly characterizes herself. We can observe also indirect characterization through her speech, for instance, she is talking loftily in imperious tone, she frequently uses such expressions as you “are in disgrace” or “don’t talk nonsense”… we also can notice that she is very strict in raising (upbringing) the children, she is dominating, imperious, narrow-minded. She treats the children like they are in army and she is like a colonel. Nicolas is characterized mostly indirectly through his actions. All the tricks that he plays with his aunt show him as a ready-witted and smart boy....
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