Text Analysis from: Doctor in the House by R. Gordon

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Text Analysis
From: Doctor In The House by R. Gordon

Richard Gordon is an English surgeon and anaesthetist. He has written numerous novels, screenplays for film and television and accounts of popular history, mostly dealing with the practice of medicine. He is most famous for a long series of comic novels on a medical theme starting with Doctor in the House, which is full of comic description of medical student`s years of professional training. Text under consideration belongs to the genre of comic novel. It describes the final exams at the medical college from the point of view of a common student, therefore the extract is full of funny episodes of preparation, worrying, passing and failing. The author shows the way the exams are being held from the inside of the mind of the student and apart from technical descriptions the reader may enjoy genuine emotions of poor victims. The theme of the extract in question is the exam passing procedure and it`s hyperbolized weight and difficulty from the stand of a graduate student. This extreme exaggeration of the significance of examinations which are if compared to other meaningful events of life are minor, appears to me as a main idea of the text. The general slant of the text, judging from the peculiar usage of epithets and metaphors with intentionally tragic coloring towards common life situations is comic. Let`s simply remember the comparison of written papers exam room with the court hall, the doors of which are flanked by dispassionate porters and the judge sits above all, just the way the invigilator was placed. Another vivid example is the simile of viva waiting room to the condemned cell, which seemed incredibly accurate to the student but to the reader it only proved how very afraid of viva the narrator was. The main character is struggling against his lack of self-confidence which marks the inner conflict and the unfairness of life which made him pass final exams, which may be...
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