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Topics: Short story, Fiction, World War I Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: May 13, 2013

The Text Analysis of
“The Lumber Room”
The text under analysis is written by an outstanding British novelist and short story writer Hector Munro who is better known by the pen name Saki. He was brought up during his childhood, with his elder brother and sister, by a grandmother and two aunts. I can’t describe their relationship as real one, those which has got any normal family. So such upbringing influenced into the author’s character. At his stories he satirized things that he hated. By the way, the character of the aunt in one of his stories is Aunt Augusta to the life. She was such a person who should be (as the author said) the last one in charge of children. Munro was killed on the French front during the First World War. The title of the story is “The Lumber Room”. This heading is absolutely thought-provoking, intriguing and misleading. What is a lumber room for us? It’s such a place where there are a lot of old, unnecessary things which you don’t want to through away. It’s something mystery, horrible place for adults. That is also the place where they do not want to stay for a long time. And it is forbidden place for children. But why? It is incomprehensible for child’s curiosity. Let’s just remember ourselves when we were children. Everything was interested for us, including a lumber room. But when we become older we forget about that and it’s a pity. The story presents extremely topical subjects. Actually, the whole novel can be divided into two parts: Child’s world and Adult’s world. The main idea is to show the readers that you should never bring up children like she did. If you would like to see alive, kind, happy, optimistic and so on person you should let the child gets acquainted with the world. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep an eye on your child but you shouldn’t just lose all sense of fun, imagination. You should also be on the one level with your pupil but be more predictable. So...
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